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Electricians and Electrical Contractors for Toronto area.

 Mapleleaf Electric Inc offers a full spectrum of services including knob and tube replacement for older residential homes. Our quality workmanship and customer service is second to none. Our work and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

Electrical wiring and electrical panels are vital components of every home. However, these components are often uninspected and neglected for years on end. In many cases, especially for Toronto, ON, area homes constructed before the turn of the century, ignored electrical wires and panels can spark all sorts of maladies – unresponsive electrical outlets, flickering lights, broken circuits, and much more. At Mapleleaf Electric Inc we specialize in knob and tube wiring removal as well as rectifying all other common residential electrical issues, and provide tailored, long-term solutions, not temporary fixes that could lead you to need service again for the same issue in the near future. When repairing house wiring, installing GFCIs or receptacles, repairing or upgrading electrical panels or circuit breakers, or performing any other residential electrical maintenance or installation service, our goal is to complete the work in a manner that ensures the safety of the electrical circuits in your home for years to come. We’ll be thorough in our approach, taking the time necessary to correctly diagnose all electrical issues. Then, we’ll offer you good, better, and best repair options, allowing you to ultimately choose the solution you deem most appropriate for your needs and budget.

Here are a few of the electrical services which we can provide for you. If your particular requirement is not listed, please call us as this is only a brief list of what we can offer:

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